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Area Appraisals

Conservation Area Appraisals

For Local Authorities we can undertake Conservation Area appraisals. The purpose of which, is to define what makes up the special character and sense of place in these areas.

We use guidance as set out by English Heritage to review an area. We appraise each by looking at:

  • topography and landscape setting
  • history
  • buildings
  • settlement form
  • important views
  • activities and uses
  • steetscape
  • open spaces
  • trees

We also examine any negative features that detract from the special qualities of the area and propose a potential strategy for the future. In addition, we make managment recommendations for the protection and enhancement of the area.

Conservation areas will need to monitored and updated, as the nature of the area evolves over time, whether this may be through landscape change, new development or possible the vacation of key sites. We can review the conservation area and justify any proposals for altering boundaries, which can then be put forward for public consultation.


Neighbourhood Character Appraisals

Appraisals can be adapted to any area and used for example by neighbourhoods wishing to put forward a plan to be adopted as a material consideration. The assessment will enable communities to protect parts of an area which are locally distinct and important and to decide how their area can change in the future, for example where new shops, offices or homes should go and what important open spaces should be protected.

Landscape Appraisals

Cobalt Design can undertake assessments of an existing landscape and examine the potenital impact that a development may have on visual amenity and landscape character. We are experienced in identifiying and evaluating areas with complex issues and how to mitigate such problems.

In all appraisals we use an array of up to date graphics software and freehand methods which provide high quality and effective .results





We cover a wide range of appraisals, please click on the pictures or visit the Portfolio section to find out more about our past projects.